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This web shop is well-organized and easy to use, for ordering your dry ice in a convenient way. For industrial, pharmaceutical, biomedical use or the food and beverage sector, you will find the right products!

Pharma & Biotech

The pharmaceutical industry is innovative and depends heavily on experimentation. New products are tested on several locations every day. That must make you understand that flawless logistics are essential. This is certainly true for expensive reagents, pharmaceutical products and vaccines.

Since 1995, ICS Dry Ice Express plays an important role in the transport of refrigerated and frozen products for the pharmaceutical industry. ICS often carries shipments that are highly prone to outside influences. In order to guarantee that the shipment arrives on temperature and undamaged, we use various insulating packages, including dry ice. Dry ice is extremely suitable; it’s refrigerating capacity is three times greater than normal ice from water.

Our standard service is Next-day-delivery. This means we deliver the next day for a lot of destinations in the Netherlands and Europe. In order to achieve this, we have partnerships with a vast network of reliable companies with proven track records, who work according to our own high ICS standards.

Because of ICS’s long and extensive experience we guarantee you that we are extremely aware of the value of these important samples. Packages should arrive in pristine condition. Our proven track record in this specialized segment of logistics is the conclusive evidence of our knowledge and strength.