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Food and beverage

Dry ice is often sold by food and beverage wholesalers because the product has so many possibilities in clubs and restaurants. While preparing food by molecular cooking, dry ice is excellent. Due to its temperature of -80 degrees Celsius, it is possible to make new dishes that in earlier days would not be possible. The temperature enhances the flavors, that is why these culinary delights are appreciated highly by connoisseurs. There is nothing more spectacular than finishing your diner with a buffet of desserts with the mist rolling over the table. This effect is easily achieved by combining dry ice with a little warm water. The use of dry ice for the creation of mist effects shouldn’t be limited to desserts, you can also use it during the performance of bands and artists. But also in cocktails, like the Misty Curacao and the Spooky Red, dry ice is an essential ingredient.