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ICS Educational purposes
Educational purposes | ICS Dry Ice

Educational purposes

Dry ice is a very special product, through its specifics it is very suitable for demos and practicals during lessons. The European Union acknowledges dry ice as a safe product, so teachers can illustrate this product at their schools without any problems. Of course there are safety measures that should be regarded, like the use of gloves and a shovel. An extraordinary spectacle will emerge through the  appearance of dry ice.

What can one learn from this solid form of carbon dioxide?
Dry ice is very suitable for demos on sublimation, where the solid dry ice becomes a gas. The sublimation point of dry ice is at approximately minus 80 degrees Celsius. With dry ice you can also demonstrate condensation, by pouring hot water over it. Teachers can demonstrate that gases can be heavy by showing how the CO2 gas runs over de floor. Pressure, temperature and incineration are more examples that you can show with dry ice. There is a video available that can be used as a guide during the implementation of the different tests and demos. (see Experiment)